Kaede Pink House is an event space located in a residence in SW Portland, Oregon. It serves the community of Portland by creating a space for live jazz music, art, recitals and cultural seminars.


Pink House was established in 2003 in Saratoga, California by Matt Toshima and Yoshiko Oda. It started as a home concert space where local, national, and international musicians were invited to come perform for free for the local community. The house was painted pink, so folks inevitably started calling it the “Pink House”.

As time went on, the space gained popularity. Matt and Yoshiko started making recordings for demo CDs for musicians, and calling the space “Studio Pink House.”

In 2014, the business expanded to a commercial venue serving food and drink. Once Matt and Yoshiko purchased the building, they, of course, repainted the building pink, and called their new space ““Cafe Pink House.” Within this new venue, they were able to increase the number of concerts they were able to hold from once a month to a few times a week. They invited world famous jazz musicians to come play, and established a reputation in the South Bay as a great live jazz venue.

In 2018, Matt and Yoshiko retired and moved to Portland, Oregon. The Cafe Pink House in Saratoga closed, but the business lives on within the home concert venue built in Matt’s SW Portland home.

The Japanese maple tree (or Kaede in Japanese) in front of the house served as an inspiration, and this new venue was named “Kaede Pink House”.