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金継ワークショップ サハラ文子 Japanese traditional porcelain mending technique by Ayako Sahara

Kintsugi Workshop in Portland

\ KINTSUGI Workshop /

Do you know about KINTSUGI?

KINTSUGI is a Japanese-specific repair technique in which cracked or chipped ceramics are glue together with a lacquer and the seam is decorated with gold, silver, or vermilion. By repairing with KINTSUGI, your ceramics will be reborn and become the only on in the world.

Upcycle researcher Ayako Sahara will be visiting Portland from Japan.

Would you like to repair one of your treasures with your own hands? You will also learn how to care for the pottery/china so it will last for a long time.

<Workshop flow>

- KINTSUGI Description(20min)

- KINTSUGI Lesson (120min)

<WORKSHOP summary>

※Please select your best date and register now to secure your seat!

This is series of workshop with the same contents.

★1st time★

◇Date:Sep 29th, 2019 on Sunday 13:00~15:30

◇Venue:Kaede Pink House(

★2nd time★

◇Date:Oct 5th, 2019 on Saturday 13:00~15:30

◇Venue:Private house (Eastmoreland, Portland)

→ Details will be given to participants.

★3rd time★

◇Date:Oct 6th, 2019 on Sunday 13:00~15:30

◇Venue:Shizuku ( )

◆Workshop fee:$ 45 per person

◆Material kit (Applicants only):$30

◆What to bring:Please bring 1 to 3 cracked or chipped ceramics.

◆Capacity:10 people each time

◆Organizer:Ayako Sahara / Mother's Touch

※Ceramics to be repaired by KINTSUGI must be done by you, but if you are unsure if KINTSUGI will work on your items, please bring several.

※The workshop welcomes you and your friends. Please use an application form for each person.Sorry for the inconvenience!

<Instructor Profile>

Mother's Touch



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Step1.Please fill out this form to book.

Step2.You will receive a reservation completion email here. Please check it.

Step3.Please arrive at the venue 10 minutes before the workshop starts. Please pay the participation fee at each venue. Please inform us in advance if you wish to cancel. Notify participants waiting for cancellation and everyone will be happy.


It takes about 24 hours to dry. Bring cardboard and cushions that you can protect without touching the KINTSUGI painted parts (the parts drawn with gold and paint) when you go home.

★This workshop will deliver materials from Japan. Therefore, the following cancellation policy has been established.

No cancellation fee will be charged until 4 days before the workshop. If you cancel 3 days in advance for personal reasons, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

3 days ago / 25% of the fee

2 days ago / 50% of the fee

1 days ago / 75% of the fee

On the day / 100% of the fee